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You will find, in my portfolio, some personal or professional achievements on new technologies and digital transformation.



Not easy to talk about a 35-years career in a few lines while describing enriching experiences and the atypical path I followed. Let's try the difficult exercise and go through my journey in 3 periods: developer, consultant, manager... around computing and new technologies.

My years as a Developer

As a young chemical engineer, I was already in the computing world with the design of a Vidéotex Unix server integrating editor pages online via Minitel. I continued my Videotex experience during my French national service as a Volunteer Computer Instructor. Those experiences determined my first step into the active life. I went into R&D by writing a parser in Lex/ Yacc of inverted database index creation (which is used for example by Google today to index Web pages), then developing a WYSIWYG typesetting editor (at the time the standard was the 3270 or VT100) and designing graphics processing modules.

I joined Apple Computer France for an intense period of significants projects, marketing and consulting for major accounts. Contacted by Steve Jobs, I participated to the creation of NeXT Computer France. I didn't think twice about it and threw myself into the journey, which turned out to be 18 months of insanity. We did our best to make the famous black cube take off. Too innovative, too expensive, too far ahead of its time, the experience came to a sudden end, which was the end of NeXT. Wanting to continue on board around computer architectures, which I will speak more about, I decided to become a full-time consultant.

My years as a Consultant

Working with consulting companies on IT assignments, I was increasingly involved in business-oriented projects. I was hire by Société Générale acting in the implementation of ARPEGE services. Then came a shift towards strategic consulting at Gartner with both IT and banking competencies. I joined Big Blue (IBM) during the creation of the Consulting Service Line (with the integration of the PWC firm) with many assignments oriented around my dual skills. After a transfer to Nantes to work on the French Western large accounts, I became Program Director and Manager.

My years as a Manager

I was involved both in major transformation programs (IT orientation) and banking projects (multi-channel development, anti-money laundering, operational risks). After going through the various problems of IS Management, I became manager of a IBM consulting entity with 40 consultants focused on strategy, performance and transformation for development departments. In the meantime, I directed IT transformation projects in the world of distribution, banking/insurance and public sector. I joined a European team of IBM experts to work on major IT transformation projects in international groups.

I left IBM to launch into the adventure of creating PM&Co, a consulting firm in strategy and management. I am working as Executive Consultant on consulting assignments (transformation, strategy, expertise, organization) and project management, in partnership with other consulting companies or web agencies.

I joined in parallel NGA France as Consulting Director - HRC Leader France -, both HR consulting and change management activities, and the integration and implementation services with HR SAP/SuccessFactors and Workday. I was then nominated as NGA Country Lead France, supporting the growth of the French subsidiary. Read all about NGA France on YouTube or NGA Twitter account.

My mission ended with NGA France, I continue my PM&Co consulting business, mainly around the digital enterprise transformation. I work for major companies on the implementation of their digital strategy. I am also involved in Design Thinking workshops for the definition of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for new service platforms.

I joined LTI (Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd) as Head of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance for France, in charge of business development and promotion of services for BFSI.

My mission ended with LTI, I continue my PM&Co consulting business, mainly around the digital enterprise transformation. I'm working on a Digital Maturity Scorecard website and a White Paper on the changes brought by the digital on all business.

I joined Inetum Consulting (previous Gfi Consulting Financial Services) as Head of Banking Consulting, in charge of Financial Services business development and of consulting assignments (digital transformation, operational management, portfolio management, change management) for major banking and financial groups.

My mission ended with Inetum Consulting, I continue my PM&Co consulting business, mainly around the digital enterprise transformation. I'm finalizing a White Paper on the changes brought by the digital on all business.